Construction Accidents

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Construction accidents can have life-altering consequences for a worker. If you or your loved one was injured on a worksite, the Maryland construction accident lawyers at Burgos & Burgos, LLC can help. Our firm has extensive experience representing workers in a variety of construction accident cases. You can trust that we are committed to helping you pursue the compensation that you are entitled to receive when you are coping with physical injuries and financial pressure on your family. We can bring personal injury and workers’ compensation claims on behalf of people throughout Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, as well as in Washington, D.C. Everyone on our staff is fluent in Spanish and can address any of your legal needs in that language.

Understanding Your Options Following a Construction Accident

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, approximately 5,486 workers died on the job in 2022 across the nation. About a quarter of these deaths took place in the construction industry. Construction accidents can have a number of causes, of which the most notable include:

  • Electrocutions or electrical burns;
  • Falls from heights;
  • Trip and falls over construction debris;
  • Explosions;
  • Faulty or defective machinery;
  • Car accidents;
  • Negligence of a third party;
  • Failures to adhere to safety regulations; and
  • Objects falling and striking workers.

Under Maryland law, people who are injured on the job may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. To be covered, an injury or illness must have been “an accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment.” Put another way, Maryland’s workers’ compensation system designates specific benefits, such as medical expenses and lost wages, to employees in the event that they are injured at work. A construction accident attorney at our Maryland firm can help you pursue these benefits. First, you should report your injury to your employer. Next, you should file a workers’ compensation claim with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

You should also seek medical treatment as soon as possible. In Maryland, an employee has the right to choose the physician who will provide medical treatment. Injured workers may be eligible for a variety of medical benefits, including surgery and hospitalization costs, prescriptions, doctors’ visits, medical equipment, prosthetic devices, and more. These medical benefits will be covered as long as they are needed to treat the work-related injury or illness. If you are found eligible for benefits, retroactive payment of medical expenses will be available.

Generally, workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for most employment-related injuries. This means that an employee injured in a construction accident cannot file a civil claim against his own employer. However, if someone else caused your injury, and is at fault, Maryland permits third party claims against the at fault party. A Maryland construction accident attorney can help you bring a third-party personal injury claim in this situation.

A third party may include anyone besides the employer who caused the accident and your resulting harm. For instance, if your injury was caused by defective machinery, you may be able to sue the manufacturer or seller of the machinery. A lawsuit against the manufacturer would be a product liability claim, as opposed to a workers’ compensation claim. Other examples of third-party claims may include claims against a subcontractor, a property owner, the driver of another vehicle, or a doctor whose malpractice made your injuries worse.

It is important to note that third-party claims are separate and apart from the workers’ compensation system. You can file for and collect workers’ compensation benefits after an on-the-job injury and still sue a third party for the harm that you suffered. Third-party claims allow an injured worker to seek payment for pain and suffering, as well as other forms of compensation that are not available through Maryland workers’ compensation claims.

Consult a Construction Accident Lawyer in Maryland to Explore Your Options

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a construction accident, you owe it to yourself to explore all of your legal options. At Burgos & Burgos, LLC, we understand the nuances of this area of law and can provide you with an honest assessment of your claim. If we take your case, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to get you all of the compensation that may be available for your harm and your ongoing medical needs. We assist people in Gaithersburg, Germantown, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Wheaton-Glenmont, Hyattsville, and other communities in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, as well as Washington, D.C. To discuss your case in more detail, call us at (301) 681-1111 or contact us online.

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