Workers' Compensation Claims And Appeals

Many injured workers encounter roadblocks — workers' compensation denials, delays and underpayments — after their workplace accidents. At Burgos & Burgos in Silver Spring, Maryland, we have come to the aid of many employees who had suffered on-the-job injuries. Specifically, we have helped them:

  • Get their benefits on time
  • Get all the benefits they were eligible to receive
  • Cope with paperwork and other difficult details
  • Get the medical treatment that they need
  • Appeal denials of coverage or premature termination of benefits

Our Maryland lawyers are available to help workers who are injured in accidents such as construction accidents, on-the-job vehicle accidents, heavy machinery accidents, explosion injuries and scaffolding falls. We can advise and represent you after a diagnosis of a back injury caused by repetitive stress work activities.

Work Injury And Third-Party Liability Claims

The workers' compensation system is designed to protect both workers and employers from excessive litigation costs. However, sometimes a third party — not the employer — was negligent and caused an accident on the job. A subcontractor, delivery service or another individual may have been responsible for your on-the-job injury. If so, we can help you bring a personal injury claim against that third party. This will be above and beyond your workers' compensation claim involving your employer. The sooner a lawyer is involved after a workplace injury, the better.

Workers' Compensation Attorneys At The Law Office Of Burgos & Burgos Offer Free Consultations

Everyone in our law offices is bilingual. We look forward to helping you after an on-the-job injury. Contact us at 301-681-1111 or by email to schedule a discussion with a lawyer, with no further obligation.

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