Maryland Malpractice Lawyers Helping People Harmed Through Surgical Errors

When your doctor recommended surgery and you decided to go through with it, you no doubt expected your surgeon and other members of your medical team to follow accepted standards of care. You were right to expect that the anesthesia, the operation and post-surgical care would be done correctly. For example, if you suffered harm because a surgeon left an instrument in your body or nicked your intestines during abdominal surgery, you are wise to seek an attorney's counsel.

It is completely reasonable to assume that all surgical team members in a hospital will do the right things to help you recover properly after an operation. If you developed an infection because you did not receive proper wound care or if you developed bedsores or blood clots because of poor precautions after surgery, we can advise you. You may have a strong medical malpractice case.

At Burgos & Burgos in Silver Spring, we have abundant experience helping people harmed by surgical errors. We know from experience that the negligence could be on the part of your primary care doctor who prescribed the surgery, the surgeon, a nurse, a technician or the hospital. We are prepared to find out the truth and help you recover compensation if a health care provider was negligent and you were harmed as a result.

If you have arrived at this page because your husband, wife, mother, father, son or daughter died in surgery or soon thereafter, rest assured we can help you find out why. We bring wrongful death claims on behalf of family members. We also bring personal injury lawsuits on behalf of the deceased when that person suffered before death.

Was Lack Of Informed Consent The Main Problem? Consult With A Lawyer At The Law Office Of Burgos & Burgos For Advice.

We can represent you when surgery malpractice injured you or your loved one. Call us to speak with a Washington, D.C.-area surgical error attorney. We serve the District of Columbia, and the entire state of Maryland.

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