When Prescription Errors Cause Serious Harm

Prescription errors may originate with the prescribing physician, the pharmacist or a nurse who is responsible for administering medications. If an overdose, a wrong medication or failure to screen for allergies or contraindications caused you harm, you are doing the right thing to seek an experienced medical malpractice lawyer's advice.

When you entrust your well-being to a doctor, a medical clinic, a hospital or a pharmacy, you rightfully expect each provider to follow established protocol for giving you the right drugs at the right times. Medical malpractice means, by definition, that a care provider failed to practice medicine properly.

At the medical malpractice law firm of Burgos & Burgos, we advise and represent clients throughout the District of Columbia, and the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, including Montgomery County and the entire state of Maryland. Based in Silver Spring, prescription error lawyers at Burgos & Burgos can advise you and design a strategy for evaluating your case and bringing a claim or lawsuit if warranted.

Was Negligence A Factor In Your Medication Error Injury?

Were you injured after receiving the wrong drug or the wrong dosage? Your prescription error case may have been a pharmacy error, an emergency room error situation or a surgical medication mistake. You may require additional medical care as a result of the harm inflicted by the wrong dose or mishandled administration of a prescription drug. We are prepared to analyze your case and determine whether negligence was likely a factor.

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